I love technology !

I had a very nice evening today. One of my best friend came at home, and we organized a audio/video conference with our other best friend, Alex, who left France a few months ago to Peru.

The 3 friends had a 1 hour of fun time talking about anything.


What a funny moment when my dog started to bark, and wanted to see what was going on. I must say that my dog is not "VOIP" aware 😉 but he heard the voice of my friend Alex, and started sort of conversation.

For once in a while, I don't talk about technology in my blog... but the service it brings 😉

Alerandro, tu estas mi Amigo !!

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  1. Alex Abril says:

    What fun it was, indeed! One of the highlights was my somewhat incomplete attempt at explaining the relationship between one of my favorite foods, beef jerky, as you know all too well, and an aincient equivalent from my native Peru: charqui.  Allow me now, Fred, to paste this quote, as I salivate, not unlike Titan ;-):


    A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition

    charqui (charki) South American (especially Brazilian); dried meat, normally prepared from beef, but may also be made from sheep, llama, and alpaca. Strips of meat cut lengthways and pressed after salting, then air‐dried. The final form is flat, thin, flaky sheets, so differing from the long strips of biltong. Also called jerky".

    I’m tempted to believe that there is even a link between the two names, besides the pleasure found in actually jerking the strips from the grip of your teeth, good part of the fun.

    Anyway, that was indeed a great moment we just shared with you and Pierre, thanks to the ever-present technology we bask in nowadays.

    Till next time,

    Take care, and here’s a toast to you 😉


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