How to transfer file from my physical machine to my VM ones

The main purpose of hyperV is not to "play" with VMs. Virtual PC is designed for that whereas HyperV is supposed to provide a strong solution for virtualization.

"But", my day to day work force me to also use hyperV, and frankly : "I like it a lot !'.

One of the tiny feature that we use all the time with Virtual PC is transfer file from the physical machine to the Virtual Machine. A basic copy and past (with the VPC addition tools) and the job is done.

Unfortunatly, hyperV is not designed to do so.

Using the TCP/IP stack could be a solution (loopback) but it is not that convenient.

I wanted to share with you the trick I use all the time : convert a directory as an ISO file, then bind that .iso file to the VM DVD.

This is very nice, it works great, and there are plenty of freeware on the Web.

If you have another and better idea, let me know !

Comments (2)

  1. It would be useful if you provided a link to one or two of the freeware programs you mentioned for turning a directory into .ISO.

    This blog post gives another method:

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