Installing win2008 Hyper V on my Lenovo T61p machine : HyperV Network Part

Before even working on VMs, we need to configure the network properly.

The big challenge here is to understand the interaction between the physical machine and the HyperV environment.

For my LAB, I have 1 Laptop with 2 NICs : an Ethernet one, and a Wifi one.

My first VM will be used to install Microsoft ILM V2 RC recently launched. This means that for a day to day activity this VM will be totally isolated from the "outside" (working on a private Virtual LAN, running all the requested services such as AD, sharepoint, ... all services on one single machine).

But sometimes, this machine will have to be able to reach the Internet to download components, reach windows update, ... That is why I have decided that I wanted to have 2 virtual NICS on this first VM :

1) One will be connected to the HyperV Private NIC (day to day activity, Isolated from the internet)

2) The second one will be bound to the laptop physical NIC, and will be activated/deactivated manually when needed


But let's go back to the step by step procedure.

CREATE Virtual Networks in management console

First of all, in the Hyper-V manager console, I have created Virtual Networks. There are in fact 3 types of virtual network :

1) INTERNAL ONLY is created by Hyper V and will authorize connectivity between the PARENT (physical machine) and the GUEST partitions (VMs).

2)PRIVATE is also created by Hyper V. It will will do the same as INTERNAL ONLY, but will remove the PARENT partition from the connectivity.

3)EXTERNAL partitions are created by the administrator (you). It is used to create a "Virtual Network/Virtual Switch" attached to one of the physical NICs of your machine.


I  bound the EXTERNAL network to the Ethernet card of my laptop.

Now, I have the ability to use 3 different networks because they are defined at HypeV level.

INSTALL your first VM

This is time now to install first Virtual Machine... then 30 mn later (or more).. I have my first Windows 2008 Enterprise VM.


Once this VM is installed, we will of course see NICS detected in the Virtual Machine, but they will be in fact "Virtual NICs". By default, only one will be created during the installation of your OS.

For my LAB, I want 2 of them. One will be connected to the internal network (isolated), the other one will be connected to the physically NIC of my laptop (I will deactivate it by default to prevent security problems) via the EXTERNAL switch we have created.

To do so, I just edit my first VM configuration via the HyperV manager (machine must be down otherwise network part is grayed out). I go in ADD HARDWARE, select NETWORK ADAPTER, and select the EXTERNAL Virtual network.

This news NIC will be connected to my Ethernet Card, so DHCP will take place and I will be able to reach the Internet. Once windowsupdate or downloads are finished, I just deactivate the card to be totally Isolated.

Here is a diagram that summarizes all the stacks and GUI to reach that config :


After a few components installed, I can now install my ILM V2 RC.


Comments (2)

  1. I think you may have skipped a step there? before you "bound the EXTERNAL network to the Ethernet card of my laptop.." you have to CREATE the virtual network in Hyper-V Manager -right? And you gave it a name that helps you select it in the VM – it is hard to see in the screenie, but something like "External Network bound to Laptop NIC" – correct?

    Thanks for posting this.

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