My machines : Lenovo T61P (Win2008/hyperV) and X61 (Tablet, Vista, day to day activity)

Lucky me, I have the chance to use 2 machines for my work.

The big one (heavy, powerful) is a lenovo T61P laptop running windows 2008/HyperV.

So far my 4 Go or RAM were sufficient to play with the different products.


The biggest problem I am facing on the 2 machine is the drivers. If you check Lenovo Web site, there are always missing drivers, and you have to wait a lot of time to get the more recent one. A few months ago, I had to wait 6 months to get a graphical driver whereas it was available it was available at Intel Web site (but unfortunately protected to make sure that you can't install it).

As I am writing this POST, I am still getting some error in the Device Manager of my T61P... I can see a bunch of "unknown device" and "Base System Device" in error.


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