IAG Service Pack 2 is now RTM (Part 2)

  Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 Service Pack 2 is now available!   Marking a significant milestone for this technology, Service Pack 2 brings with it a variety of enhancements that improve overall IAG scalability, interoperability, and functionality. Alongside these benefits, IAG SP2 has the ability to run as a virtual machine on Hyper-V, achieving low…


IAG Service Pack 2 is now RTM (Part 1)

Yesterday IAG 2007 Service Pack 2 has been launched by the team. If you want to download it, you will have to download it from your OEM web site.  Here is the link for Pyramid Appliances : http://www.pyramid.de/en/products/valueserver_vpn1.php I advise you to read this POST. It has been writted by Assaf Ronen, the Product Unit…


IAG SP2, what’s new ? Quoi de neuf ?

Come and join me for an hour presentation web cast. This presentation is in French, and will take place december 15th, at 13H00 Paris time Register with this link : http://technet.microsoft.com/fr-fr/bb902788.aspx Vous pouvez me rejoindre pour cette présentation/Webcast d’une heure. En Francais, elle aura lieu le 15 décembre, à 13H00. Pour vous enregistrer : http://technet.microsoft.com/fr-fr/bb902788.aspx


Warsaw IDA event : "Dzień Dobry."

This week, I had the chance to join my friends of Microsoft Poland for a 2 days event around the IDA space. Snow was there ! The first day, more than 40 customers joined us for a conference at the Warsaw Technology Center. It’s been for them a great opportunity to discover Microsoft IDA offer…


Free IAG training/ Formation gratuite IAG : IAG SP2 will be there.

Do you want to discover IAG ? Come and join me for a free 2 days training. This will take place in December, at Microsoft France MTC, rue de l’université close to the Eiffel Tower. Here is the agenda : * Day 1 morning, IAG presentation : what is IAG, why it is used for,…


IAG/ILM/RMS event in Warsaw : come and join us

It is with a lot of pleasure that next week, I will have the opportunity to go in Poland for an IDA event. On Day 1, customers and partners will have the opportunity to get a presentation about the IDA products, including RMS, ILM and ILM V2, IAG. On Day 2, I will be giving…


I love technology !

I had a very nice evening today. One of my best friend came at home, and we organized a audio/video conference with our other best friend, Alex, who left France a few months ago to Peru. The 3 friends had a 1 hour of fun time talking about anything. What a funny moment when my…


Installing IAG on top of Hyper V : install your windows machine

In the list of new features arriving with IAG SP2, we have now the possibility to install an IAG "Virtual Machine" (same image as the one you have in a physical appliance, but available online as a VM) on top of windows 2008 HyperV. I am currently working on a project where IAG as a…


I turned Blue : My new blog on technet.

Hi,  “you turned blue” is what a friend of mine said when I announced a few months ago that I was moving to a position at Microsoft EMEA. I am very happy and very excited by this new role at Microsoft EMEA, working for the incubation team and specialized in security and mobility. My new…


How to transfer file from my physical machine to my VM ones

The main purpose of hyperV is not to "play" with VMs. Virtual PC is designed for that whereas HyperV is supposed to provide a strong solution for virtualization. "But", my day to day work force me to also use hyperV, and frankly : "I like it a lot !’. One of the tiny feature that…