Windows Home Server – Outlook 2010 now supported! Details HERE

The Office Maven had now released a completely new version of Windows Home Server Outlook add-in with full support for Microsoft’s new Outlook 2010. WHS Outlook is a Windows Home Server add-in that integrates the Microsoft Outlook software with the Windows Home Server Console application – but wait, there’s actually alot more to it. WHS Outlook…


Windows Phone 7 Email and Office Experience – See it HERE!!

Take a look at the two new videos on Windows Phone 7 –  I’m very exciting about what’s coming – looks really user friendly – and about time!!! Enjoy.


Office 2010 has now reached RTM!

Office 2010 has finally reached RTM, which means that Outlook 2010 will now soon be available – this is great news as Exchange 2010 has a number of really great features that are pretty much dependent on Outlook 2010 (mailtips, online archive, etc.)  Out in the field I have been very much in the “chicken…


Outlook 2010 – HOWTO Set up Multiple EXCHANGE profiles from a single account

A new and currently not widely known capability in Outlook 2010 is the ability to sync with multiple Exchange Servers. To do this, simply close down Outlook and configure the required profiles using the Control Panel > Mail applet. This is useful for a number of scenarios – testing,  when you maintain a mailbox in more…


Office 2010 Beta has launched – get it HERE!!

The public beta has launched and now YOU can finally get hold of Office 2010. You can download it from HERE and try out some of the great new features such as: ·         Conversation threading in Outlook ·         Improved rules management in InfoPath ·         The ribbon UI in SharePoint ·         InfoPath “quick” publish functionality ·         The Business Connectivity…