BingTweets?? Get all the details HERE!

Recently, the Bing Search team announced a new service that’s a mashup of the Bing search engine and Twitter: BingTweets. Through a partnership with Federated Media and Twitter, the site integrates real-time search results from the micro-blogging service with the traditional results from the Bing “decision” engine. When you go to BingTweets, you’ll see two…


PFDAVAdmin – The Ambiguous SID issue – Fixed HERE!

With the release of the new PFDAVAdmin a few weeks ago, some customers started running into an “Ambiguous SID” error when trying to add the Everyone group or Anonymous group in the permissions window. The error looks like this: When you add a new entity to the permissions window, PFDAVAdmin looks up all objects with…


Hyper-V Best Practise Analyzer is now available for Server 2008R2!

The hype-v BPA is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Site, linked here So, what is Best Practices Analyzer? But what is it?  How do you use it?  And why should you care? The Hyper-V Best Practice Analyzer is a tool that will scan your Hyper-V server and let you know if there…


HOWTO increase the Logging Levels in Exchange 2003,2007 and 2010

Im often asked about logging levels in Exchange and to be fair to my customers, when I’m not asked I will always turn the tables and start the discussion.  Logging is an important troubleshooting step, and when implimented correctly can also become a powerful pro-active mechanism to help identify issues before they become show stoppers. In…


HOWTO Enable Telnet in Windows 7 and Vista

Telnet is a well known reliable protocol to communicate with different network hosts.It provides a bidirectional interactive communication facility between two hosts. If you want to use the Telnet application in Windows 7 then please note that it is not enabled by default. To enable it, you will have to go through the following steps….


Exchange Server 2010 Troubleshooting Issues – Part I

The following article will provide a summary on common issues in Exchange 2010 deployment in the Enterprise. The information in this article consists of my own experience and official Microsoft knowledgebase articles. Due to the fact that your Exchange environments will all vary, please read the information carefully and test the suggestions from this article -…


New Exchange 2010 installation guide templates

I get asked if we have any step by step Exchange 2010 deployment templates/documents available anywhere on the web. The nice part about these guides are they are in Word format so you can build your own production build out documentation for your Exchange 2010 deployment.  The guide pack contains build info for all roles…


What?? Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 wont connect to my new Exchange 2010 install?? READ THIS…..

I was recently took a “Early Monday” call from a distraught customer, having just installed a nice new Exchange 2010 server they could not get any of their outlook clients to connect to their migrated mailboxes?! By default, Exchange 2010 requires Encryption for RPC client access.  Unless you specifically turn this off, Outlook 2003 clients…


HOWTO Configure MailTips in Exchange Server 2010 HERE!!

Chinthaka posted this great info on mailtips over at howtoexchange that I really think is worth sharing alittle more! MailTips is a one of the new features of Exchange Server 2010. When a Sender composing a message, MailTips gives the some status information of the recipient and that helps to reduces unnecessary and undeliverable e-mails,…