Outlook 2007 now supported by the Persoanl Archive – At last!!!

Finally Outlook 2007 now supports Exchange 2010 personal archives, you need to install an update that is now available in December 2010 Cumulative Update for Office 2007  follow this link for more details!  Good to be back 🙂


Outlook Anywhere simply runs best on Windows 2008 R2..

 Greg Smith recently released this very detailed breakdown of Exchange performance when hosted on Server 2008R2 when compaired to Server 2008SP2.  The findings are quite simply incredible.  Please read on and let me know what you think; We recently compared the performance of the Exchange 2010 Client Access role supporting Outlook Anywhere users on both Windows 2008 SP2 and…


Exchange Server 2010 Troubleshooting Issues – Part III

Common issues seen in Exchange 2007 migrations to Exchange 2010 Strange errors may appear during OWA/Outlook Anywhere, Offline Address book management (e.g. Event ID 9519 “Error 0x80004005” in the application event log, etc.). Event ID 9519 “Error 0x80004005” is logged in the Application log when you try to mount a database in Exchange Server 2010 or…


Exchange Server 2010 Troubleshooting Issues – Part II

Best practices in Exchange 2010 deployment Before kicking off the actual implementation stage, verify that the required third party products in your company (e.g. Antivirus, Backup, etc.) support Exchange 2010 and Windows 2008 R2.  Remeber you may well be able to cut some licence cosots with new functionality now available in Exchange 2010 – backupless exchange on JBOD, online…


HOWTO increase the Logging Levels in Exchange 2003,2007 and 2010

Im often asked about logging levels in Exchange and to be fair to my customers, when I’m not asked I will always turn the tables and start the discussion.  Logging is an important troubleshooting step, and when implimented correctly can also become a powerful pro-active mechanism to help identify issues before they become show stoppers. In…


HOWTO Enable Telnet in Windows 7 and Vista

Telnet is a well known reliable protocol to communicate with different network hosts.It provides a bidirectional interactive communication facility between two hosts. If you want to use the Telnet application in Windows 7 then please note that it is not enabled by default. To enable it, you will have to go through the following steps….


Exchange Server 2010 Troubleshooting Issues – Part I

The following article will provide a summary on common issues in Exchange 2010 deployment in the Enterprise. The information in this article consists of my own experience and official Microsoft knowledgebase articles. Due to the fact that your Exchange environments will all vary, please read the information carefully and test the suggestions from this article -…


DPM 2010 has reached RTM! Product Code and Install Guide Here!!

Great news… the product is now RTM, refer the DPM Blog for details The RTM Evaluation Software for DPM 2010 is available at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/bb727240.aspx A single DPM server can protect – 100 production servers 1,000 Windows clients 2,000 SQL databases 25TB SharePoint farms containing 1M items 40TB Exchange databases my experience of the step by…


Office 2010 has now reached RTM!

Office 2010 has finally reached RTM, which means that Outlook 2010 will now soon be available – this is great news as Exchange 2010 has a number of really great features that are pretty much dependent on Outlook 2010 (mailtips, online archive, etc.)  Out in the field I have been very much in the “chicken…