Office 365 – Whats that all about?

The various documents in this link help to provide a detailed description of the features and functionality of Office 365 services currently in beta.


Keeping your head in the cloud – Monitoring BPOS

MessageOps has posted an applicaiton for monitoring Exchange Online. This looks like a really useful tool for identyfing service latency or connection issues. Keep an eye on these guys!


Apples no longer falling out of the clouds – BPOS support for Macs Now available!

Because many of you have asked to use your Macs with Microsoft Online Services, we’ve been developing a Mac Sign-In application to provide Mac users with the same “single-sign-in” functionality provided to our PC users. After installing and signing-in to this application, you can send and receive Exchange Online e-mail and access SharePoint Online sites…


BPOS Price Drop of 40% – So go get your 25GB mailbox in the cloud!!

As more Microsoft Partners are offering Business Productivity Online Services to their customers, the cloud-based Exchange, Sharepoint, Office Communicator and Live Meeting Services have been scaling up in Microsoft datacentres around the world.   These economies of scale have allowed Microsoft to drop the customer price by a massive 40% – so that the BPOS…