Windows Home Server – Outlook 2010 now supported! Details HERE

The Office Maven had now released a completely new version of Windows Home Server Outlook add-in with full support for Microsoft’s new Outlook 2010. WHS Outlook is a Windows Home Server add-in that integrates the Microsoft Outlook software with the Windows Home Server Console application – but wait, there’s actually alot more to it.

WHS Outlook allows a single installation of Microsoft Outlook to be shared by up to 10 different client PC’s via the Windows Home Server Console (remember user CALs to stay legal etc). Using the Remote Access features of Windows Home Server, you can even gain full access to all of your Microsoft Outlook e-mail, contacts, calendar, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Features & Changes:

  • Added Outlook 2010 support

  • Added Internet Calendar via WebDAV support

  • Added SharePoint site integration and SharePoint list support

  • Added “Sounds” command to the settings menu

  • Improved: “Send Attachment (to client)” feature

  • Improved: WHS Outlook Graphical User Interface re-sizes to fill entire console

  • Improved: WHS Outlook Connector now gives tray notification messages for reminders

  • Improved: WHS Outlook initialization and architecture

  • Fixed: “Switch Profile” functionality

  • Fixed: Problem with opening URLS on the client that contained a pipe “|” character

  • Fixed: Many other fixes, enhancements, and miscellaneous code improvements


WHS Outlook - WHS Console access WHS Outlook - Single-Sign-On WHS Outlook - remote access home page

WHS Outlook - Web Site access - Settings WHS Outlook - Web Site access - Open Items WHS Outlook Settings - Advanced Settings

WHS Outlook Settings - Remote Desktop Connectivity WHS Outlook Settings

Share Calendars

WHS Outlook can automatically setup your Windows Home Server as a WebDAV server allowing you to publish and consume Outlook calendars as Internet Calendars directly on your very own Windows Home Server. Second, WHS Outlook now supports SharePoint site integration allowing you to use SharePoint's "Connect to Outlook" feature from within WHS Outlook so that you can access all of your SharePoint Lists (i.e. shared calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.) from within Outlook. WHS Outlook takes care of all the dirty details for you behind-the-scenes allowing you to focus on getting your work done instead of having to spend time configuring your home server.

For more information: Calendar Sharing in WHS Outlook - Part 1: WebDAV Publishing & Internet Calendars


"Send Attachment (to client)"

This feature of WHS Outlook has been completely rewritten to provide better integration with Outlook 2007 and 2010 (it works with Outlook 2002 and 2003 as well). When accessing the "Send Attachment (to client)" command from any e-mail message that contains attachments, you are now presented with a dialog box that lists out all of the e-mail message's attachments allowing you to select which of the attachments you would like to send over to your client computer:




The "Sounds" command brings up the standard "Sounds and Audio Device Properties" Control Panel applet (opened up to its Sounds tab) allowing you to add, remove, or change the sounds being used by WHS Outlook.


Improved Console Exerience

When running WHS Outlook via the WHS Console it now re-sizes to fill the entire size of the Condole window giving you even more room to work in Outlook within the limited confines of the Console.


A Quantum Leap Forward

To date, most Windows Home Server add-ins fit into the administrative and media-centric user-interaction space. WHS Outlook differs that it actively provides a productivity platform.  WHS Outlook offers a wealth of new and improved functionality but the first thing you’ll notice about WHS Outlook (when used with Microsoft’s new Outlook 2010 software) is the new and much smoother user interface and overall seamless integration.

The new version of WHS Outlook works with Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2002. However, the new calendar sharing features will only work with the newer Outlook 2010 and 2007 versions.


Comments (3)

  1. Peter says:

    How does this compare functionally with "Outlook Connector for MDaemon"?

  2. Ankit Moradiya says:

    How can i customize view in outlook reminder in Text Messages  

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