Default Authentication Settings Exchange 2007/2010 IIS Application & Virtual Directories!!

Im getting alot of questions around the default authentication setting for the exchange virtual directories - So I though I would dig this out as a handy reference;

You can find these settings in IIS7. Select each Virtual Directory and then IIS section –> Authentication. Listed are the virtual directories that are enabled by default with a clean install of Exchange 2007/Exchange 2010

Note these settings are from Exchange 2007 Standard SP2 Installation, but should be the correct settings for Exchange 2010


SSL Settings:

All the Virtual directories are set to Require SSL with 128bit except for OAB that DOES NOT require SSL and RpcWithCert which DOES NOT require 128bit (it DOES require SSL though).

Comments (7)

  1. exch7676 says:

    What is the asterisk for on OAB folder?

  2. Ralph Avery says:

    Thank you John..    

    I have found several sites that say "Check your IIS Authentication Settings" or something to that effect, but none showed me what they should be.   I followed these settings and this corrected my problems.    

    Thank you for taking the time to share..  

  3. acer9595 says:

    Thank You!!!

    Fixed all the issues I was having, great information.

    I have a feeling these settings are not set this way during the install or something,

  4. Lisa M says:

    Thank you!!!! This fixed the issue of the Option Tab not working on OWA for me!!!!  Awesome information!!!!

  5. nandakumarpbb says:…/gg247612

    This will give more info .

  6. StarDust says:

    Can this URL be used for Exchange 2010 as well?…/gg247612

  7. Leezy says:

    perfect and right at the spot. problem solved. thanks!

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