HOWTO Monitor, Back up, and Restore Exchange Server 2010 with System Center!!

This is  a really great webcast on the possibilities of System Centre and Exchange 2010, 60 mins well spent! – please check it out via the links below.  Microsoft System Center helps you get the most from your mission-critical messaging infrastructure with management solutions that enhance the availability features built into Microsoft Exchange Server 2010….


How do I migate from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010???

Micosoft has removed/retired the native Notes connector for Exchange 2010.  Thie means Microsoft’s own Tansporrte Suite is not supported for Exchange 2010 migrations!  we will however support the use of thid party migrations tools.  Please check with MIcosoft support before stating a migration to ensure your third paty toolset is fully supported. Binary Tree tool is available…


Exchange 2010 Pre-Deployment Analyzer now available for download HERE

A great reporting tool that was published to the Microsoft Download site yesterday. It will really help consultants who are planning / performing the Exchange 2010 transitions in their companies or for their customers. The reports will alert you if there are any issues within your organization, which could prevent you from deploying Exchange 2010. For…


HOWTO: Setup your laptop as a really GREAT E-book reader… Kindle beware :)

This is a little bit off topic but I think very useful.  I “converted” my work laptop and I’m using it more than I actually expected – on the train, in the air and even on the bus with great success! E-book readers are popular for reading digital books, but they’ve got their limitations. If you have…


Exchange 2010 Migration / Transisition Options CLEARLY Explained HERE!

  There seems to be a great deal of confusion currently around the question of migrating to Exchange 2010 – Everyone seems pretty intent on doing it, but many find it hard to identify the correct upgrade path to suit thier current environment.  Exchange has always had a specific combination of operating systems on which it…


Exchange 2010 Webcast Downloads HERE!!

The new Exchange 2010 webcast series is now live as published here by the product group. Register to attend in-person via Live Meeting or download the recorded video or podcast. A full schedule of topics and presenters is below. Each webcast is 60min in length. Looking for something shorter? We also have a new series…


DPM 2010 – Protecting Exchange 2010 DAG in a Single Site

  Why should you backup an Exchange 2010 DAG implementation with DPM?  What should you be thinking about before you make a final decision? What is the way out of this conundrum?     ….Well, it depends.  Let me walk you through a scenario.  First, let us make a couple of assumptions: · That you will…