Microsoft Products and Services Portfolio in a single Windows 8 App!

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Ho appena scoperto la Windows 8 App PERFETTA, sia per chi si occupa a tempo pieno di tecnologia Microsoft (come me che ci lavoro Occhiolino), e sia per chi si interessi e desideri approfondire, a vario titolo, la miriade di prodotti e ai servizi Microsoft :

[EN] Per trovare la Windows 8 App basta cercare “Microsoft Products and Services Portfolionel Windows Store (o cliccare sul link riportato)


In questo post vi avevo già segnalato i poster omonimi, ora lo stesso team ha realizzato questa fantastica Windows 8 app che ha le seguenti funzionalità:

  • Interactive Poster: The interactive poster provides a comprehensive view of all the Products. Selecting a product or Service from the poster will provide more in-depth details about. The interactive view allows multiple levels of zoom options to see the poster in much more granular view and these options are available in the app bar. The interactive poster is available in two flavors - All-up and Enterprise view. While the All Up Poster provides information on all the Products & Services that cater to both Enterprises and Consumer segments, the Enterprise view, as the name suggests, focusses on those that are relevant to Enterprises.
  • Catalog: Alternative to the poster view, one could choose to browse through a Catalog of all the Products and drill down into more detailed information. Use Semantic zoom for a bird's eye view of Product categories and the Products under them, quickly jump scroll to specific categories for more information. Quickly access information like Product features, Upcoming Versions and their features, recently published case studies, Support Life cycle information, licensing and pricing information, or editions that a Product is available in, if applicable. View the blog posts from the Product team, for each selected product, and additionally flag one to subscribe to the last 5 posts on the Live tiles. 
  • Search: Use the Search and Share charms to locate products based on their features, and to share product data with other applications, respectively.
  • Offline: While the Application can be used offline, a network connection is required to access Product Home Page, blogs, Support Life cycle information, etc. The Application would detect the (non)availability of a network connection to enable or disable the features appropriately


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