Hotmail Active Views: nasce la mail interattiva dotata di sandbox

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Il recente annuncio della nuova tecnologia Active Views in Hotmail , che permetterà di farci ricevere mail interattive da partner selezionati (per ora Orbitz e Monster, ma prestissimo LinkedIn e Netflix, poi tanti altri):

Inside Windows Live: Hotmail introduces interactive email using Active Views

…ha una correlazione molto precisa con gli aspetti di sicurezza, come indicato dallo stesso Dick Craddock:

These enhancements haven’t happened before today due to security concerns by email services. There has simply been no way to run JavaScript code within email messages in such a way that it’s isolated and not allowed to do malicious things on your computer. Hotmail is solving this problem with its new Active Views platform, technology that allows senders to run code securely in their email messages. It protects you AND gives you access to information on the sender’s website through forms and inline actions built directly into the email itself. This keeps the content up to date and provides a more engaging and time-saving experience.


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