Source code for New and Updated Local Group Policy utilities

Visual Studio 2008 source and project files for the new ImportRegPol utility and the updated Set_FDCC_LGPO and Apply_LGPO_Delta utilities for managing Local Group Policy Objects. Note that these are all now Visual Studio 2008 projects. [Update Jan 15 2010:  new versions released — see the LGPO Utilities page]


New and Updated Local Group Policy Utilities

A customer requested an addition to the local group policy toolset posted on the FDCC blog.  While working on the new utility, I needed to upgrade the other two.  The full set is attached to this post, with documentation.  The source code for all of them is attached to a separate post. The new utility,…


FDCC Vista Application Development Requirements

Overview NOTE: This entry only focuses on the Windows Vista version of the FDCC and desktop applications. Since its infancy, common themes have emerged which have delayed or prevented enterprise customers from deploying the FDCC. By the 80/20 rule, the two most common problems, in order, are: 1. Data and Settings Management 2. Application Installation…


FDCC and Internet Explorer 7, Part 3 – Protected Mode

This is the [long-delayed] third installment in a series discussing various issues regarding the intersection of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC). The FDCC bears close resemblance to Microsoft’s security guidance for Windows XP and Windows Vista, so this series will be of interest to any customers who are locking…


FDCC Blog Alert: Issue with Vista SP1

Author: Shelly Bird  Credit:  Syed Ismail, Ben Christenbury Applies to:  Vista SP1 alone. Setting: Microsoft Network Client: Digitally Sign communications (always) is set to Enabled in FDCC.   History: The server side settings are always ON (w2k3 SP2):   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServiceslanmanserverparameters                 EnableSecuritySignature [REG_DWORD] = 0x1                 RequireSecuritySignature [REG_DWORD] = 0x1   Client-side settings (Vista SP1)…