Correction posted for IE Explicit Security Zone Mappings and IEZoneAnalyzer’s Zone Map Viewer

I received some questions and comments about Internet Explorer's Explicit Security Zone Mappings and about the latest version of IEZoneAnalyzer containing the Zone Map Viewer.  I hadn't had time to dig into the questions so they lingered, but I finally carved some time to post answers to those questions in the Comments sections of those two posts.  I also found one bug both in my write-up about the mappings and in IEZoneAnalyzer, where I had the precedence order wrong when a particular site is defined both in Computer Configuration's and in User Configuration's Site to Zone Assignment List.  I have corrected the content of the original write-up (also downloadable as a Word doc) and posted an updated version of IEZoneAnalyzer (v3.5.0.4).

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  1. sunbruce says:

    Thanks for the great tool!

    Find a small bug: first click on the ‘Map URL to Zone’ always gives wrong result.


    1. Open IEZoneAnalyzer.exe (

    2. Input ‘‘ (Intranet zone) into the URL edit box

    3. Click ‘Map URL to Zone’. It reports that it’s in ‘Internet’  Zone.

    4. Click the button again. Now, it gives the correct : Intranet.

    [Aaron Margosis]  I can’t repro.  What mechanism are you using to put it into the Intranet zone?  By default, IP addresses are always Internet.

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