Sample Files for Apply_LGPO_Delta

Apply_LGPO_Delta used to come with a bunch of sample files to address some common needs for policy adjustment, as well as a batch file to run Set_FDCC_LGPO and Apply_LGPO_Delta in sequence.  Those samples inadvertently got omitted from an upload at one point.  I've updated those sample files and added some new ones.  They are attached to this blog post.  The next time I update the utilities themselves I'll also put the samples in that zip file.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me if the current utilities will do to a Windows 7 machine what they do to a VISTA machine? Also, how do your utilites relate to the Alpha version of the USGCB settings posted at

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its been some time since the last post on this topic, but I am curious, can we update the supplied Delta file or do we have to use multiples…?

    [Aaron Margosis]  They are Notepad-editable text files for a reason!  Do whatever you want with them.

  3. malei says:

    Sir, do you have plan or schedule to develop this tool for win7 and IE8 USGCB(FDCC)?

  4. Mike Janzen says:

    Can I freely distribute apply_lgpo_delta.exe with my application?  If not, what are the restrictions on the source code?

    mjanzen at

    [Aaron Margosis]  You shouldn’t redistribute the utility or incorporate it into a package that you distribute to others outside your organization; instead, point customers back to this site.  Within your organization you can do what you like with it. 
    You can treat the source code as equivalent to MSDN sample code.  That is, you can use it in pretty much any way you like, except to claim credit for it or ownership of it.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

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