Adobe Reader X

This post is a bit off-topic.  Neither the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) nor the US Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) mandate specific settings for Adobe products, and it’s a little unusual for a Microsoft blog to promote an Adobe product.  However, this one is important.   Many of our customers make Adobe Reader part of their standard desktop…


Web Application Test Plan

This blog post describes how to perform basic web application testing to identify and fix compatibility issues.  These procedures are designed for non-experts and not to require deep expertise in web application development.  The target platform is assumed to be Internet Explorer 8 running on Windows 7 with standard user rights.  Some of the issues covered below…


Sticking with Well-Known and Proven Solutions

I work with a lot of customers, and there are some problems I see over and over.  One problem that I’ve seen and been thinking about a lot lately is the way that a number of customers paint themselves into a corner through excessive customization of their environment.  Lately I’ve been making the case that…



Along with the release of official government guidance for Windows 7, NIST has rebranded the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) as the United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB).  NIST’s spreadsheets, Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and virtual hard disks (VHDs) for Windows 7 can be downloaded from  From this point forward, “FDCC” is just a four-letter…


Sample Files for Apply_LGPO_Delta

Apply_LGPO_Delta used to come with a bunch of sample files to address some common needs for policy adjustment, as well as a batch file to run Set_FDCC_LGPO and Apply_LGPO_Delta in sequence.  Those samples inadvertently got omitted from an upload at one point.  I’ve updated those sample files and added some new ones.  They are attached…


Job opening: Senior Software Development Engineer

As you may know, the Federal Desktop Core Configuration is largely based on Microsoft’s Security Guidance for Windows.  Well, the team in Redmond that creates and publishes that guidance has a job opening: Do you have a passion for developing software and want to help our customers become more secure? Interested in making an impact…


Updated LGPO utility sources

The updated sources corresponding to the updated versions of the Apply_LGPO_Delta and ImportRegPol utilities are attached to this post.


Apply_LGPO_Delta and ImportRegPol updated

I discovered an “unintended feature” in the Apply_LGPO_Delta and ImportRegPol utilities, which I have fixed in the versions now posted to the LGPO Utilities page.  The “feature” (OK, the “bug”) allowed commands to set a registry value and to delete that registry value not to overwrite each other in the resulting registry policy file. This…