Viewing and Comparing IE Security Zone Settings – enhanced

I've enhanced the IE security zone comparison utility that I posted here a few weeks ago.  The new version shows the effective settings for a selected zone, based on the precedence rules for User and Computer policies and preferences (as described here) and whether only Machine settings are used.  Pick an IE security zone (such as Intranet), and the new IEZoneAnalyzer will show what settings are in effect and where those settings come from.

[Update 14 April 2011:  just posted IEZoneAnalyzer v3 with lots of new features.  See]

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  1. Sergiy says:

    Just discovered this nice utility, but have a question – was there special reason not to put any export into csv or text file funtionlity or even just ctrl a -> ctrl c from result window? I don’t beleve that it is very complicatied.

    [Aaron Margosis]  I’m working on an update that will have that and a lot more.  News soon, OK? 🙂

  2. tipsinc says:

    very cool utility

    here is a wishlist:

    ability to change color of individual item as a means to keep track of which item has been tried/tested

    ability to sort and extract only differences

    ability to click on each item to obtain detailed references of its use and/or functionality

    ability to save results to be retrieved later, complete with color, history, url, etc

    ability to highlight a record and have only differences automatically change color scheme

    thanks for making this utility

    [Aaron Margosis] Just posted this a short while ago:


  3. Wayne Bellinger says:

    This a great tool! Please do not archive this web page and tool.

    [Aaron Margosis] Thanks!

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