Source code for New and Updated Local Group Policy utilities

Visual Studio 2008 source and project files for the new ImportRegPol utility and the updated Set_FDCC_LGPO and Apply_LGPO_Delta utilities for managing Local Group Policy Objects.

Note that these are all now Visual Studio 2008 projects.

[Update Jan 15 2010:  new versions released -- see the LGPO Utilities page]

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aaron, I totally understand and agree.  More than anything my thought process is for test purposes.  I’ve already downloaded the new GPO spreadsheet for Win7 and see the additional settings.  I’ve also downloaded the "Beta" MS Win7 Security guidelines and done a comparison.  Mostly I’m looking for proof of concept for this tool when moving forward.  Maybe an extra switch or something can be added that when run it allows the install over a different OS?  My org is eager to test and I’m looking for an advantage to get most of the settings populated in their tests.  Appreciate your help in moving forward …  

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know this is intended for Vista but since Windows 7 FDCC documents haven’t been completed yet I’d like to try importing these into Windows 7 to see how things look.  The Set_FDCC_LGPO won’t run because it isn’t XP or Vista.  Can you modify this to work
    on Windows 7?  TIA  Callie

    [Aaron Margosis]  I’m open to suggestions about how to make that happen.  I think there needs to be a very explicit approval step before the settings are applied, so that the person running the program realizes that "these are the Vista settings, not
    Win7 settings, and that installing them on a Win7 system is for test purposes only and that the actual Win7 settings (when published) will almost certainly be different from the Vista settings."  (The common settings will probably be about the same, but there
    will probably be a bunch of new settings specific to Windows 7 and IE8.)

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