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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Team,

    Can you please explain, why I can’t deploy FSC in two server configuration but with the following roles:

    First server (Virtual Machine):

    Management server

    Collection server

    Reporting server

    Second Server (high performance SQL):

    Management database

    Reporting database

    WSUS runs on the separate server.

    It’s an similar configuration as five server configuration in the planing guide (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb418915.aspx), but I would like to combine some roles on the two servers.

    We have a high performance MS SQL server (x64 bits) on the SAN, but can’t use this server by the documentation.

    I checked the installation process and tried to install FSC in the following configuration. All must work, there should not be issues. All components can work separatelly.

    MOMserver.msi didn’t installed on x64 server, there was installation error. It seems I need to upgrade msiexec to 4.x version.

    But which issues and troubles I will have later, I don;t know.

    Why you use old MOM2005 ?

    Why FSC officially doesn’t support x64 OS ?

    We use Hyper-V. There is no issue to create VM with a lot of memory, but with small disk performance (no SQL).

    Really, why we should buy an addtional server and sql license for that ???

    I’m confused and disappointed by this product ;-(

    I hope you will improve this product and will stop using these legacy components.

    Can you please help me to install FSC in my configuration ?


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