Mailbox migration – Do it yourself guide

Let’s say you are running Exchange 2010+ on-premises but are not eligible for migrating with FastTrack Center. And you are looking for references to help you moving the mailboxes. Or even better, you are looking for a tool that helps you automate the migration process. You came to the right place: In the previous post…


Pre-flight – Checking objects before an Exchange hybrid migration

Customers working with FastTrack Center for mail migration can use a tool called Integrated Preflight. It checks for basic migration pre-requisites, such as: Does the target object exist in Office 365? Does it have the required e-mail addresses? Are all the e-mail addresses valid? Does the admin account have the required permissions?   The Preflight…


Do I still need an Exchange on-premises?

I have all my mailboxes online (and no public folders). Do I still need an on-premises Exchange Server? That’s a question the FastTrack Engineers are used to hear from customers. And it makes sense: There is no apparent reason to keep a mailbox server without a single mailbox. Except that there is an important reason…


Get your DNS right

Working with IT infrastructure in geographically dispersed companies can be challenging sometimes. Getting DNS right is often one of them, especially with most the Internet services trying to overcome network limitations such as latency with local endpoints for their services (hey, that’s us!). When you point all your users to the same external DNS, even…


Mail relay, gateways SMTP and Exchange Online

Almost every customer at FastTrack Center ask what to do with applications that send e-mail after moving to Exchange Online. Most of the apps use e-mail for internal and/or external notification mail. So… what to do with them?   My four rules for mail relay Please take into consideration I am not talking about massive…


Why we recommend not using proxy with Office 365

  We still have a lot of customers using web proxies for Internet access. Sometimes it is just a legacy, sometimes a way of controlling Internet access and other times, a network requirement (the network does not have a default gateway to the Internet). The idea of using proxies came from a time we had…


How many objects will be synchronized to the cloud?

  Import-Module ActiveDirectory Get-ADObject -Filter {((objectClass -eq ‘user’) -and (objectClass -ne ‘computer’)) -or (objectClass -eq ‘contact’) -or (objectClass -eq ‘group’)} | Measure-Object | Format-List Count