Adding your Office 365 tenant domain to G Suite

You need to add your tenant initial domain (that one ending with “”) to G Suite when you are setting up the coexistence between Gmail and Exchange Online. We will need that to migrate your e-mails to Office 365.   Please follow the steps bellow: Sign in to your Google Admin console. From the Admin…


Enabling Intune: Part 1 – Intune Mobile Application Management Only

In this post we’ll guide you through the Intune MAM initial configuration, using the FastTrack methodology.   There are some things you might want to check out first if you not well acquainted to Intune yet: Mobile Device Management Design Considerations Guide Intune scenarios Mobile Application Management without enrollment Common ways to use Intune FastTrack…


SPF, DKIM, DMARC and Exchange Online

We don’t like spam. And we need help fighting it, so this is what this post is about: Helping you help all of us that fight spam every day. Let’s start with the concepts. I promise it’ll be quick: SPF DKIM DMARC What does it stands for? Sender Policy Framework DomainKeys Identified Mail Domain-based Message…


Configuring Exchange 2010 Hybrid

Assumptions This document assumes that you already have a tenant on Microsoft online services, synchronized to your on-premises Active Directory forest and Exchange autodiscover / Outlook Anywhere up and running. In addition, you need to check the following concepts available: Assumption Description Compatible Exchange organization On-premises Exchange organization must be Exchange 2003 or higher and…


How many objects will be synchronized to the cloud?

  Import-Module ActiveDirectory Get-ADObject -Filter {((objectClass -eq ‘user’) -and (objectClass -ne ‘computer’)) -or (objectClass -eq ‘contact’) -or (objectClass -eq ‘group’)} | Measure-Object | Format-List Count