Office Mobile 2010 – released


One of the most interesting update for my cell phone has been the upgrade to Office Mobile 2010, this upgrade simply rocks! and has given me the ability to do some of the most cool stuff i.e.:

Experience an intuitive, touch-friendly user interface - Office Mobile 2010 integrates with your Windows phone to offer an intuitive experience. Use natural gestures to touch through menus and easily flick your way through a file for quick navigation with simple clicks, drags, and taps.

Stay connected from anywhere with SharePoint Workspace Mobile - Take your Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 files offline on your phone with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010, a new application in Office Mobile 2010. Browse document libraries and lists right from your smartphone. Open documents directly for viewing or editing in Microsoft Word Mobile 2010, Microsoft Excel Mobile 2010, and Microsoft PowerPoint® Mobile 2010, and sync them back to SharePoint Server 2010 once reconnected. Best of all, you can sync documents on your smartphone with a single touch so you never miss a beat.

Use PowerPoint Mobile as a presentation aid - When delivering a presentation, your notes are just as important as your presentation itself. Many times you don’t have the luxury of using multiple monitors—one for showing your presentation and another for viewing your notes.

With PowerPoint Mobile 2010 and the Presentation Companion - a second monitor is always readily available. You can connect your Windows phone to your PC via Bluetooth and use PowerPoint Mobile 2010 as your second monitor to easily view your presentation notes. Your phone can even be used to advance your slides! View and edit your documents with confidence.You can open Office documents created on a desktop application and view them on your smartphone with high fidelity, with Text Reflow technology in Office Mobile 2010. When you edit and save your file, rich formatting, such as tables, charts and SmartArt graphics, will be preserved.


With Office Mobile 2010, you’ll get a high-quality viewing experience adapted to your device, and you can be confident your content will not be compromised.

Distribute your files right from your Windows phone - There’s no need to take documents from your Windows phone back to your computer in order to e-mail them to others. With Office Mobile, you can send documents via e-mail or save them directly back to SharePoint Server 2010 using SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010.

You won’t need a learning curve - Enjoy a familiar formatting experience when creating or editing on your smartphone. The Office Mobile applications have many of the same formatting tools you already know and use in Microsoft Office. With Office Mobile 2010, you have the richest editing experience found on any mobile device.
Essential authoring capabilities. Use bullets, numbering, and font styles in Word Mobile 2010 and OneNote Mobile 2010. And, find cell formatting options in Excel Mobile 2010, such as borders, shading and font styles — you can even use custom number formats.
Built-in support for images. View rich graphics across your Office Mobile documents. And, in PowerPoint Mobile 2010, SmartArt graphics are better supported.

Update your Excel data on the fly - Whether you’re working on your budget or updating your travel expenses, you can quickly update and instantly recalculate your Excel workbooks. Add or edit formulas and take advantage of more than 100 functions.

Stay organized and in sync with OneNote - Review or take notes on your phone with ease, insert voice clips or pictures, or make a quick list —it’s up to you! You can even synchronize your notes with Microsoft OneNote 2010 on your PC using the Windows Mobile Device Center, available on Windows 7.2

Outlook Mobile makes managing your e-mail a snap - Outlook Mobile 2010 brings powerful and familiar concepts from Outlook 2010 to your Windows phone when connected to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

Conversation View allows you to save time by combining related messages that can be moved, categorized, or deleted in just a few clicks. Find people in your organization by searching your global address list directly from your smartphone.3

With Outlook Mobile, get online access to your e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Seamlessly copy and paste across applications - Content for an Office document or an e-mail is pulled from a variety of sources. It may come from a Web site, other Office documents, or e-mails, along with information from your notes.

With the improved clipboard on your Windows phone, copying and pasting to and from any other application on your smartphone is simple and intuitive.

Some other new features:

E-mails grouped by conversation - With your e-mails grouped by conversation, you can quickly see all responses and perform common e-mail actions that apply to the entire conversation, such as deleting, replying, flagging, and moving e-mails.


Free/busy lookup -  Getting in touch with people in your organization is now more effective with calendar availability. Have a quick question that needs to be answered? Quickly check a colleague’s schedule to determine if a face-to-face visit in their office or a phone call is possible, or send them an e-mail if their schedule is booked.


Sync SMS messages to Exchange -  (THE COOLEST OF ALL FEATURES!!) SMS messages now appear inside of Outlook or Outlook Web Access, so you don’t need to pull your phone out of your pocket to read and respond when you’re sitting at your PC. You can even get your SMS text messages if you forgot your phone at home right from within Outlook or Outlook Web Access.


Enhanced voice mail - Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging provides voice mail preview, giving you a text version of your voice mail messages so you can read them without having to call and listen to each.


You can download it form this URL, I highly recommend that you give it try….  enjoy productivity!

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