Windows Server 2008 Virtulization

I have finally been given the task to covery the subjected in the comming days would be trying to provide you tons of first hand informaiton on how the subjected would help you look at Virtulization form a new workload prespective. So keep tuned!

 Hyper-V Question of the Day:


Q: I’d like to install the Hyper-V MMC on Windows Server 2008 to remotely manage another Hyper-V System. How do I do this? Can I do this on Windows Server 2008 x64 and x86 Editions?


A: Yes. This solution works for both Windows Server 2008 x64 and x86 Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter Editions.


Here are the steps:

1.       Launch Server Manage from the Start Menu

2.       Click Add Features

3.       Under Remote Server Administration ToolsàRole Administration Toolsà

a.       Enable Hyper-V Tools and click Next.

4.       Click Install.

5.       After the reboot, go to Administrative Tools in the Start Menu and you will see the Hyper-V Manager.



Figure 1: Enabling just the Hyper-V MMC on Windows Server 2008


After you install the Hyper-V Tools and reboot here’s the Hyper-V MMC!


Figure 2: Hyper-V MMC


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