Fraudulent Security Bulletin e-mails

We are getting reports that some customers are receiving e-mails that look like Microsoft Security Bulletin updates, but which is actually fake and contain a link to dangerous executable.


The title of the reported e-mail is “Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-0065 - Critical Update”; however, this is a very common problem and so I’d like to take this opportunity to post out a reminder about how to identify and protect from fraudulent e-mails.


There are some very common ways to detect if a mail is from Microsoft or fake, for example:

·         Hovering over the link to see if it is indeed a Microsoft site or just a phishing attempt

·         Spelling errors or poor grammar are usually an indication that the mail is not real

·         Link to executable or attachments (Microsoft does not send attachments or links directly to an executable in our security updates).

Fareed M. Khan

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