Hyper-V Server 2008 Local Management scripts / UI indispensable !!


Release Notes

One more release of HVS2008 UI to end this year. I have fixed a couple of bugs I found and added Snapshot management / Backup features

Snapshot management includes creating/deleting/Listing/Applying snapshots. These are available under "Virtual Machine Activities"
Backup has been added to "Misc activities" menu option. You will be able to set a default boot device and/or perform backup to a different backup device. All it does is basically copy all VM/VHD files to the specified backup location.

There is still lot of redundant code in the scripts. Not really the best way of scripting...! I will fix it next year 🙂

Recommened method of using this tool
- Before even you create any VMs, change the VM/VHD default locations to a different drive. This will not only protect your data but also improve the performance; You can use VM / VHD related activities menu options to configure this
- Now create whatever VMs you want
- Specify a backup device using Misc Activities Menu option; This gets stored in the registry at HKLM\Software\HVS2008UI\BackupDevice. This makes the setting persistant across reboots, etc. I have done this as I have plans to include scheduled backup option for VM data

Hope you find the new additions useful....Have a wonderful year ahead..Happy new year

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