Mise en oeuvre de Terminal Serveur avec Windows 2008

Document accessible via le site de la communauté virtualisation http://www.govirt.fr/telechargements?func=fileinfo&id=16

The goal of this Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Infrastructure Planning and Design Solution Accelerator is to guide the planner through the information gathering, decisions, options, and tasks required to create and design a Terminal Services infrastructure. The objective is an infrastructure that is sized, configured, and appropriately placed in order to deliver the stated business benefits, while considering the end-user experience, security, manageability, performance, capacity, and fault tolerance of the system. The guide addresses the scenarios most likely to be encountered by someone designing a Terminal Services infrastructure. Customers should consider having their architecture reviewed by Microsoft Customer Service and Support prior to implementation as they are the organization that can best comment on the supportability of a particular design.


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