Windows Server 2008 RC1 avec Hyper-V Beta est disponible

Windows Server 2008 RC1 avec Hyper-V Beta est disponible


1.       Quick Migration and high availability providing solutions for planned and unplanned downtime

2.       Support for running Hyper-V with Server Core in the parent partition

3.       Import/Export of virtual machines

4.       Hyper-V now integrated with Windows Server Manager

5.       Integration components are now included in Windows Server 2008 meaning that when you install Windows Server 2008 in a Hyper-V virtual machine, Windows will automatically install the ICs.

6.       VHD Tools support (compaction, expansion and inspection)

7.       Emulated video card has changed from an S3 Trio video card to a more generic VESA compatible device. (This change resolves numerous video issues with non-Windows operating systems like Linux).

8.       Support for up to four virtual SCSI controllers per virtual machine

9.       Numerous fixes for compatibility, performance and scalability


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