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Provide your organization a comprehensive change and configuration management solution. Deliver relevant software and updates to users of Microsoft and third-party applications efficiently and cost-effectively with SMS 2003 R2.

SMS 2003 R2 provides the following key capabilities:

Inventory Tool for Custom Updates

Building a more secure and reliable infrastructure while lowering operating costs relies on the ability to update independent software vendor (ISV) and in-house applications as well as updates provided by Microsoft. With SMS 2003 R2 and the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates (ITCU), organizations can achieve this goal quickly and efficiently.

ITCU consists of two components:

Integrated Scanner. Designed for evaluating target clients for software update compliance.

Publishing Tool. Designed to allow the ISV or line-of business (LOB) application developer to create software update catalogs that can be imported into SMS. The native SMS 2003 Software Updates Management (SUM) functionality can then use these catalogs to determine applicability and automatically remediate as necessary.


Vendors create catalogs of update definitions for commercial software applications.

Customers create catalogs of update definitions for in-house LOB applications.

Solution-providers build catalogs of updates for organizations to which they provide services

Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment

Software installation errors and misconfigurations compromise security and stability, resulting in escalated support costs. Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment (STVA) can help prevent errors, increasing your organizational uptime and helping you build a more secure infrastructure. The tool provides vulnerability assessment reporting for common software misconfigurations using the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 2.0 engine.


Scan for an organization’s vulnerabilities that may exist because of misconfiguration errors.

Example checks made by STVA:

Are unnecessary services installed and running?

Do file shares have appropriate permissions?

Is Windows Firewall enabled?

Are automatic updates enabled?

Are strong passwords enforced?

Are unsecured guest accounts enabled?

Are there too many local administrators on a single computer?

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