SCRM 2006 Report Model is Available!

A report model for SCRM 2006 is available on

SCRM 2006 Report Model is a report schema that you use with SQL Server 2005 Report Builder to help create your own SCRM 2006 reports and to view data. Report Model acts as a semantic representation of the underlying relational schema in the SCRM SystemCenterPresentation database. Although you could retrieve data by using the SQL views provided with SCRM 2006, Report Builder helps you create custom reports without writing Transact-SQL. You can easily drag and drop friendly named fields from SCRM 2006 data entities into a design area to quickly create your own reports. Knowledge of Transact-SQL is not needed to use Report Builder.

To download the model go to Under "CodeGallery", go to "Featured Groups" and the "SCRM 2006" feature group. The report model is a download in the "SCRM 2006 Custom Reports" project. Here is a direct link to the project:

Become a member of the "SCRM 2006 Custom Reports" project and share the custom reports you have developed with the rest of the SCRM community! Go to the "SCRM 2006 Custom Reports" project and click on the "Apply to join this Project" link.

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