WSUS 3.0 (What’s new)

Présenté lors du Microsoft Management Summit 2006 à San Diego du 24 au 28 avril 2006, la future version de Windows Server Update Services s'annonce particulièrement riche en nouveautés :

New features and improvements that will be part of the next release of WSUS 3.0.

Supported Platforms

The WSUS 3.0 Server requires

·         Windows 2003

·         SQL Server 2005, SQL Express or wYukon

·         Internet Information Services 6.0

·         .NET Framework 2.0

·         MMC 3.0

Clients require

·         Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1,  Windows Server 2003


The WSUS 3.0 management console can be installed on remote systems separate from the WSUS server


Simple Install And Upgrade

  • WSUS 3.0 is an in-place upgrade of 2.0

  • WSUS 2.0 Servers can sync from a 3.0 Server

  • New OOBE (Out of the box experience) wizard to help guide initial setup


Simpler Deployment

Many improvements to replica mode to support branch office deployments

·         Move between Replica and Autonomous modes without a reinstall

·         Support for language subsetting on downstream replica servers

·         Replica’s can sync meta-data from a USS and content from MU

·         Support for disconnected replica synchronization


Improved Performance

  • Reporting performance

  • Server Synchronization more quickly

  • New UI makes it easier to see what’s relevant

  • New deployment options make it easier to build large scale deployments

  • Server now has native support for x64


Better Reliability

  • Support for Network Load Balancing (NLB)

  • Support for SQL Clusters

  • MOM Management Pack



See a single unified view of the status of your organization

·         Reporting rollup is in the box!

·         Roll up detailed status or summaries

Roll up from autonomous or replica servers

UI reporting based on Rosetta controls

·         Print, Save to Excel or PDF

New “Reporters” user role

·         Allows read-only access to the server



WSUS 3.0 supports 2 new grouping concepts

·         Nested target groups

·         Overlapping group membership

A computer can be a member of > 1 group

Eg: Computer 1 is a member of Servers as well as Exchange Servers


Improved Content

Access to drivers and hotfixes via the Microsoft Update (MU) Catalog site

·         Tightly integrated with WSUS 3.0 to enable easy drivers and hotfix access

·         Improved searching and filtering

·         Personalization available to make the MU Catalog customized to your downloading needs

·         Stay tuned…

API support for importing 3rd party updates (more on that later)!


Improved Admin Experience

New MMC 3.0 based console

·         Allows us to address key feedback

·         Column sorting and reordering

·         Context Menus

·         Host multiple servers in a single console

·         Home pages to give a quick overview

·         Custom Views

·         Additional Filtering views for the results pane 

·         Integrated reporting “in context”

·         Built in email notifications and status

·         Allows for a “hands off” approach


Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s new in WSUS 3.0?

  2. Athif - PatchAholic says:

    Thanks a lot for the update:-)


    PatchAholic…The WSUS Blog!

  3. Eric says:

    I’m hearing rumor from those that attended MMS 2006 that it will only be available via SMS.  Since it’s going to an MMC app, I would think that it could still be stand-alone.

    Please confirm one way or another.

  4. Jason Downey says:

    I would like to have the ability to manually push updates(button)for serves and have the confidence they are going to install right away. Reason being, I have a limited amount of time for the update to complete, then within that time I need to be able to get the server back up if something does go awry. Currently planning on just using WSUS for detecting updates on test servers, with HFNetChk for the actual push after testing.

  5. daniel vanmeter says:

    a backup server option would be nice on the client.  If the computer could not contact a primary wsus then have a secondary.  The secondary could be one of yours or even to microsoft.  We have a lot of laptops that go on the road.  Some may VPN and get updates, but others may only VPN for a hour and miss the update interval, or even not use VPN to connect to the WSUS server for a long period of time.  This leaves computers in an unpatched state and vulnerable.  The secondary going to microsoft could be optional since some people dont want patches pushed unless approved.  I could see even secondary wsus server as a failover being quite handy

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