Le SP2 de SMS 2003 est enfin disponible en anglais (la version française ne devrait pas tarder)

What’s New

SMS Administrator Console Changes

Locate management points and distribution points by Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) rather than by NetBIOS

Instead of using the previously required 15-character NetBIOS computer name, you can now enter an FQDN value for site server name

Support for using Active Directory Security Group Discovery methods has been added under Discovery Methods

Software Updates node now allows the creation of folders for easier management and grouping of software updates

SMS Advanced Client Upgrade package definition file now includes three programs: one each for IA64, x64, and x86

Decommissioned Data DR Processing in SMS 2003 SP2

The added ability to send notification of client record deletion to the parent site and then propagate that notification up the hierarchy

Multi-Threaded Software Inventory Processing

The software inventory processor component of the SMS Executive service is now multi-threaded

Updates for the Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates


Disponible sur http://www.microsoft.com/smserver/evaluation/2003/sp2.mspx

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