SCRM Beta 1 disponible prochainement…

La beta 1 de SCRM sera disponible à partir du 04/10 sur betaplace

Quelques détails

The System Center Reporting Manager 2005 delivers a rich platform for enterprise analysis of management data so that IT administrators, managers and executives can query, report, and forecast IT operations.  This solution will achieve higher quality of service and greater productivity at a lower cost to your business.  The foundation of System Center Reporting Manager 2005 is a new data warehouse that integrates multi-management groups from MOM and multiple SMS operational databases to enable new query and reporting scenarios.

Reporting Manager 2005 provides your company with the following benefits:

  • Single, centralized and simplified query / report authoring experience across MOM and SMS historical data to address the limitations of the SMS 2003 reporting solution.
  • A rich decision support solution that integrates multi-management groups for MOM and multiple SMS operational databases into a single data warehouse to enable better decision making more quickly via “Better Together” reports.
  • Off-loads expensive decision support operations from the SMS Central Site server and improves performance of key queries and reports for SMS administrators.
  • Delivers clear value for “SMS Only” customers via new reports and enabling new analytical scenarios for SMS administrators (e.g. deployment status by cost center).  

  • Delivers clear value for “MOM Only” customers by providing centralized reporting across multiple MOM 2005 management groups (approximately 150 reports) and delivering new enterprise reports.
  • Provides a web-based reporting front end from any desktop via SQL Reporting Services without requiring any client-side software to be installed.
  • Additional reports and queries can be created and shared via a community driven process.
  • Enables a broader audience to leverage systems and operations management data by delivering a new set of predefined reports that are designed for IT Managers and business executives.

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