ADS 1.1 disponible en téléchargement

La nouvelle version de ADS est disponible (elle inclu Virtual Server Migration Toolkit et le support du 64 bits) : version 1.1


With Windows Server 2003, Microsoft extends the platform to make it easier for administrators to build and administer very large, scaled out deployments of Windows servers. Automated Deployment Services (ADS) includes a new set of imaging tools developed by Microsoft and a more secure, remote-able infrastructure for rapidly deploying both Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 onto bare metal servers. In addition, ADS offers a more secure, reliable script execution framework that lets administrators perform script-based administration on 1,000 servers as easily as they once did on a single server.

The preferred solution for use in deploying Windows Server operating systems in your data centers. ADS v1.1 point release includes a rollup of bug fixes and adds support for x64 platforms and Windows PE


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