Forefront Protection (vs Online) for Exchange – FPE vs FOPE

In this interview with Mike Chan, I help clarify when you might want to utilize Forefront Protection for Exchange versus Forefront Online Protection for Exchange – or use both.  Most of the video is spent white boarding out how things work between FPE / FOPE and Exchange 2010’s security.


Remove Active Partition

I couldn’t find any good search results on how to remove an active partition on a Windows system (and this is not in the disk management GUI) and eventually figured this out on my own, so I thought I’d share.  Of course, this is only useful if you have a drive which no longer contains an operating…


Save TechNet Library content offline

Ever wanted to not have to scroll through endless expansions of bite-sized content on the TechNet library and just download a document of only the content you want instead?  I know this has been frustrating for me in the past and when I brought it up to a TechNet manager he said “you can already…


XP-Mode vs App-V vs Med-V vs VDI

There are so many virtualization options available from Microsoft, which one do you use when?  We cleared this up in a short interview and addressed how these options might help you remediate your legacy applications over to Windows 7.  Also, we just launched the XP to Windows 7 Migration process guide with the announcement of…


ADMX policy missing or blank – bug

When you create a policy with a custom ADMX template which uses a registry key outside of the standard 4 recommended locations (below) and open up your group policy editor using gpedit.msc, the policy will not be listed and you will get no error. The workaround is to use the group policy editor which comes…


Silverlight Installation Switches

Below is a list of all of the Silverlight 1, 2, and 3 installation switches available and their description.  This will be included in the Silverlight Enterprise Deployment guide v2 which I’m writing – to be released soon.  In the mean time, here they are for your assistance: The Silverlight install executable file has a…


IE 8 ClickJacking and security PM interview

I interviewed Kymberlee Price, IE security PM responsible for future research with ClickJacking.  She gives us insight into what research the team is doing in this area as well other great insights into IE security. For a complete breakdown of the contents of the interview, please view this post on TechNet Edge. Also, you can…


Internet Explorer 8 event for IT Pros and Developers

Attend the Internet Explorer 8 FireStarter event on Thursday, March 26th and learn the core of what all IT Pros and Developers need to know about IE 8.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the new features, security, deployment best practices, compatibility and migration, and where IE stands with the competition. Get the breakdown…


IE 8 on Windows 7

Wonder why you can’t independently update Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7?  We discuss this and a number of other interesting topics with Jane Maliouta, program manager at Microsoft who is responsible for setup and deployment of IE8.  View the detailed breakdown of the topics covered, download the video, or comment on the original post…


Server 2008 / Vista SP2 CPP released

Today Windows Server 2008 and Vista released Service Pack 2 (pre-RTM) through the Customer Preview Program (CPP).  MSDN and TechNet subscribers can download the SP2 CPP now, everyone else will have access this Thursday 12/14. What’s pretty interesting is for the first time the same single service pack files can be deployed across the server…