Forefront Protection (vs Online) for Exchange – FPE vs FOPE

In this interview with Mike Chan, I help clarify when you might want to utilize Forefront Protection for Exchange versus Forefront Online Protection for Exchange – or use both.  Most of the video is spent white boarding out how things work between FPE / FOPE and Exchange 2010’s security.


Forefront Stirling – Public Beta Overview

With the launch of the 1st public beta for Forefront Stirling on April 8th, I thought it would be relevant to do a post this week on it. This release proves that the Stirling vision scenario in my previous blog article is becoming a reality. “Stirling” seems to be thrown around quite a bit and…


IT Pro Momentum Program (like a TAP or RDP)

Would you like to learn about or use Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, or the next version of Forefront Edge? If you’re based in USA and ‘fit the bill’, I’ll get you an invite to the IT Pro Momentum portal.  If you’re in Ireland – contact Dave Northey.  You can profile a project which…


Forefront Stirling – The possibilities

That’s right it’s Stirling, not Sterling like silver.  I’ll cover the background behind the name perhaps in an interview with the product team.  Forefront is categorized into three categories: Client, Server, and Edge. Currently, the client and server forefront products have two separate management consoles and Edge doesn’t have a management console. In June at…


Forefront Server Security Management Console Beta 2 Released!

In addition to centrally managing Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Forefront Security for SharePoint and Microsoft Antigen e-mail security products, the Beta 2 release will include new features that enable customers to: ·          Use SQL Server 2005 for quarantine and reporting ·          Provide redundancy of FSSMC in case of server failure ·          Auto-discover new Exchange…


IAG runs ISA?

What is not obvious is the fact that the IAG appliance has the full edition of 2006 ISA standard edition running on it.  I figured that I should do this as a follow up to my ISA vs IAG post – as I failed to mention it there.  So why should I even buy ISA 2006 instead of…


Forefront IAG 2007 SP1

On May 21st, we announced IAG’s SP1 – RTM expected around this August.  I’ll give a summary of the new features coming out with SP1: Vista Client support Details: ·      Both online and offline installation / updates / removal of Download Manager ·      Detection of multiple legacy client-security components ·      SSL tunnel and session security with basic and socket forwarding…


Internet Application Gateway (IAG) – Overview

Microsoft’s Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 just released this February. It is a secure remote access gateway that provides SSL-based application access and protection. So what are some of the cool things that IAG allows you to do? NOTE: All of the items below you can do securely from an un-trusted network (such as the internet)…


ISA 2006 versus IAG – Which one to use?

If you read the only two places where ISA is compared to IAG, it doesn’t really give a simple and clear comparison. I hope to do so now in this post.  Please post comments if you find other comparison information out there. The two comparisons I found are:Secure Remote AccessIAG Frequently Asked Questions (now updated) other comparison links from…


Forefront IAG ISA Client Antigen Exchange Edge Security

Confused yet?  I know that I was when I first started hearing this term Forefront…  Is “Forefront” just a client/server security product or something else?   Forefront simply is a name that MS is branding onto our security related products.  Forefront is divided into three categories of client, server, and edge security.  Within those categories there are currently a total…