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The Consumerization of IT content links listed below are to help educate you on how Microsoft can help you enable various aspects of the overall consumerization of IT shift in the industry of people bringing your own device (BYOD) to get work done.  Under this topic, there are many considerations which need to be taken into account such as device management, security and information protection, access anywhere, productivity, and policies.  The high level categories of content below are:

  • Microsoft Learning Jumpstart course
  • Edge Show
  • Event Interviews
  • Product Evaluations
  • Consumerization of IT Matrix Spreadsheet
  • TechEd 2012 Sessions
  • How Microsoft IT enables Consumerization

Microsoft Learning Jumpstart course on “Enabling Consumerization of IT”
This is a course designed to give you a jumpstart on learning about all of the technologies Microsoft has to enable consumerization in your company responsibly.  The modules listed below are 50 minutes each, unless noted otherwise.  This will also become a Microsoft Virtual Academy track soon.

  1. Keynote—Enabling the Consumerization of IT (75 min)
  2. End-to-End Security & Access
  3. User-Centric Application Delivery
  4. Mobile Device Management
  5. Productive with Office 365
  6. Information Protection
  7. Cloud Security and Management with Windows Intune
  8. Desktop Virtualization

Consumerization of IT on the Edge Show
This is a weekly show from Redmond providing news and industry relevant information about bleeding edge Microsoft technologies. Each episode consists of ~4 minutes of IT Pro relevant news followed by ~12 min of technical interview on each evangelist's area of focus. I cover Consumerization of IT in its own set of episodes on a regular basis, the episodes so far are:
#2 - Mobile Device Management in Configuration Manager 2012
#5 - Manage VDI using SCCM 2012
#7 - Operationalize security w System Center Endpoint Protection 2012
#10 - Office productivity on any device
#12 - Enterprise voice and collaboration on any device with Lync
#16 - Windows Server 8 VDI
#18 - Virtual desktops and apps on any device
#25 - Information Protection with AD RMS

Event Interviews: You also may want to check out these relevant product team interviews to give you a taste of what the technologies can do.

From MMS 2012 – most of which have demos and are targeted around 15 minutes each.
Windows Intune Mobile Management Demo
SCCM 2012 User Centric Application Delivery
Direct Access in Windows Server 2012
User Experience and Desktop Virtualization Intervew
System Center Endpoint Protection 2012
Dynamic Access Control Demo

Relevant Microsoft Product Evaluations

Consumerization of IT Matrix
There are more than 19 products which support consumerization of IT and also a wide range of scenarios where Microsoft products support various devices. To help us and customers quickly understand all of this, I created an excel spreadsheet ( which maps capabilities and Microsoft products to which major computing devices we support across Apple, Google, and Microsoft (i.e. iPad, iPhone, Android slate/phone, Windows Phone, etc).

TechEd 2012 Sessions

MGT309 – Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Overview

SIA206 – Keep Your Data Safe!

SIA207 – Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control Overview

WCL279 – Windows 8: Overview for the enterprise, Enabling Flexible Workstyles

WCL303 – Microsoft Desktop Virtualization – The Right Technology for Your Business Scenario

WCL386 – Windows Intune: Equipping the enterprise to manage the consumerization of IT

EXL312 – Forget about IT - How about Lync Inside Business Applications?!

OSP221 – Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises

OSP325 – Active Directory Integration with Microsoft Office 365 (& Windows Intune)

Microsoft IT and Consumerization of IT

TechEd 2012 : SIA203 – The Consumerization of IT (Microsoft’s CISO perspective)

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