IE App Compatibility VHD VPC images update

So the base Internet Explorer (IE) Virtual PC (VPC) images were due for a refresh and I signed up for the job.  I thought it would be best to not only simply patch the images and place them up on the site, but to also reassess how we could optimize the images and options available. Previously, there were three separate Windows XP images (IE6, IE7, IE8) and one Windows Vista SP1 with IE8 image.  To optimize, I decided it would be best to have the following images:

  • Windows XP IE6 (with install bits on the drive for IE7 and IE8)
  • Windows Vista IE7 (with install bits on the drive for IE8)
  • Windows 7 IE8 (with install bits on the drive for IE9)
  • Windows 7 IE9 + ACT 5.6, Expression Super Preview.

It is very easy to duplicate the images and then just update the version of IE you’d like to keep.  I’d be happy to accept feedback on what you think of this new structure of VPC images available.  Do you care about having the various operating systems and versions of IE available, or do you only care about working with the various versions of IE?

Download the images

Comments (7)

  1. davete says:

    We can't give you images which never expire for legal purposes.  Even though you keep downloading them, you can't permanently save your changes. There are two options to have a never expiring XP image:

    1) Activate your own XP image

    2) Use XP mode with a copy of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate

  2. DavidTesar says:

    The updated Windows XP image is now online.  David Tesar

  3. davete says:

    We are re-releasing an updated copy of the XP image, but there has been some delay in getting it online.  We hope to have this up within the week.  In the mean time, please see my comment on this thread from 7-25-2011 on how to get a non-expiring XP image.

  4. Daniel15 says:

    That structure sounds pretty good, great work 🙂

    I really wish they didn't expire! It's annoying having to redownload new images every so often.

  5. jamie says:

    Please, please, please stop these things from expirying. It's super annoying having to download and setup 3 virtual machine images every month. I've just downloaded a set that will expire next month already.

    The Vista/7 images run far too slowly for me, I'm using the XP image 3 times with IE6, 7 and 8.

    I really can't see the point in them expirying, we just download them again.

  6. WJY says:

    I want a multi-language version XP IE6 images, not just English.

  7. DaveM says:…/details.aspx has the current batch expiring on August 09, 2011. Will they be re-released?

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