Silverlight 4 Deployment Guide

A few days ago the new version of the Silverlight 4 Deployment Guide was made available for download. This guide is great for any enterprise who wants to deploy, manage, or troubleshoot Silverlight version 1-4 in their corporation. I led this effort in collaboration with the Silverlight product team and here are the major new additions since the previous version of the guide:

  • Deploying and managing Silverlight out of browser (OOB) applications
  • Links to the Updated Group policies and template (ADMX/L files) which includes the new capability to lockdown:
    • Silverlight Trusted Applications — allows users to install out-of-browser applications via the Install dialog
    • WebCam and Microphone — allows webpages and applications to access the microphone and webcam
    • UDP Multicast Networking — allows webpages and applications to do UDP multicast networking
  • Updated the verbiage to include Silverlight 4 and new system requirements

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