Windows Mobile 6.5 Released

Windows Mobile 6.5 launched today, now being referred to in short as “Windows phone” moving forward.  Some of the key benefits I see from the consumer side are listed below.  I posted a detailed text post on TechNet Edge which describes the business value of Windows Mobile phones for IT Pros.

  • Microsoft My Phone - a new service that offers free automatic backup and online access to phone contacts, calendar, texts, photos, browser favorites and more. In select markets, My Phone also offers a Premium Package that helps users find, lock or erase a lost device.
  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile - a new marketplace with fun and useful high-quality mobile applications to install right from your phone.
  • Upgraded touch user interface - that was designed for finger touch and the ability to cut through clutter to accomplish what you want. In my experience using WM 6.5, it is much better at touch gestures, but the shortfall is some of the menu items were not designed optimally with fingers in mind.  The “Today” and “Start Menu” pages work great with and were clearly designed for your finger.
  • Updated web browser – Internet Explorer mobile has been updated to allow easier operation using touch gestures with an enhanced pan/zoom and also has Adobe Flash for watching videos on the web.
  • I’ve been using my HTC Fuze with WM 6.5 on it since March 2009 and have overall been pretty happy with it.  I’m looking forward to what we come up with for Windows Mobile 7, which I imagine will be an even better for usability and “fun” as a consumer.

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    1. lan games says:

      No 6.5 is released and still not comparable to the Iphone usability… 🙁

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