Save TechNet Library content offline

Ever wanted to not have to scroll through endless expansions of bite-sized content on the TechNet library and just download a document of only the content you want instead?  I know this has been frustrating for me in the past and when I brought it up to a TechNet manager he said “you can already do this”.  To my shock, I asked how since it isn’t visible anywhere within the TechNet library… 

The ”Package This” tool is a piece of software you can download from CodePlex which will allow you to accomplish this.  You have to make sure you have the .Net 2.0 framework and MS Help installed, but it is well worth the time to have offline searchable files.

This is a picture of the user interface where you select the content you want to package:


After you select what you want, you can then Export it into a CHM file!


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