Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide v2 available

I finished creating the Silverlight deployment guide awhile ago, but after a number of reviews, revisions, and updates it is finally available for download.  This guide is applicable to all versions of Silverlight, including Silverlight 3.  The idea was that the guide would have a long life beyond SL 3 without revisions, while areas needing updated (i.e. version history, group policy settings) will continue to evolve on the Silverlight administration page.

Version 1 of the Silverlight deployment guide was geared at only the 1st release of Silverlight and didn’t include all of the improved windows update methods included with Silverlight 2.  Some of the changes I’ve made to this document are:

  • New sections for deployment using WSUS, SCCM, and manual advertisement
  • Version table with the update ID numbers for Update rollup / Feature pack
  • Updated text surrounding making a choice for deployment
  • Updated logic and text around Silverlight’s built-in auto-updater
  • Updated add-on section for IE 8

Download Silverlight Deployment Guide v2

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