Mark Russinovich interview in Berlin

I interviewed Mark Russinovich again (see my 1st interview with him in his office the future of Sysinternals, Security, Windows) at TechEd EMEA in Berlin.  This time we chatted about the new tools coming out from Sysinternals like the Disk2VHD tool, what features in Windows 7 are security and which ones are not, and Windows…


Windows Mobile 6.5 Released

Windows Mobile 6.5 launched today, now being referred to in short as “Windows phone” moving forward.  Some of the key benefits I see from the consumer side are listed below.  I posted a detailed text post on TechNet Edge which describes the business value of Windows Mobile phones for IT Pros. Microsoft My Phone -…


Office 2010 Web Applications

I did an interview with Chris Bryant who gave me a cool tour of the new Office Web applications. Finally an answer to Google Docs. I’m looking forward to using these!


Windows Firestarter Event

On September 18th you can attend locally or interact live via Live Meeting to learn about some of the core information you want to know about the next wave of Windows products – Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.  I will presenting a session on IE 8 focused on IT Pros and consumer (since us…


Forefront Protection (vs Online) for Exchange – FPE vs FOPE

In this interview with Mike Chan, I help clarify when you might want to utilize Forefront Protection for Exchange versus Forefront Online Protection for Exchange – or use both.  Most of the video is spent white boarding out how things work between FPE / FOPE and Exchange 2010’s security.


Remove Active Partition

I couldn’t find any good search results on how to remove an active partition on a Windows system (and this is not in the disk management GUI) and eventually figured this out on my own, so I thought I’d share.  Of course, this is only useful if you have a drive which no longer contains an operating…


Save TechNet Library content offline

Ever wanted to not have to scroll through endless expansions of bite-sized content on the TechNet library and just download a document of only the content you want instead?  I know this has been frustrating for me in the past and when I brought it up to a TechNet manager he said “you can already…


XP-Mode vs App-V vs Med-V vs VDI

There are so many virtualization options available from Microsoft, which one do you use when?  We cleared this up in a short interview and addressed how these options might help you remediate your legacy applications over to Windows 7.  Also, we just launched the XP to Windows 7 Migration process guide with the announcement of…


Office 2010 Demo and Interview for IT Pros

I interviewed Ralf on the Office 2010 team who showed a demo of some of the cool new features in Word and Outlook 2010 as well as answered some relevant questions for IT Pros – now that the Technical Preview is out there we can show it.  The full breakdown of the interview is at…


Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide v2 available

I finished creating the Silverlight deployment guide awhile ago, but after a number of reviews, revisions, and updates it is finally available for download.  This guide is applicable to all versions of Silverlight, including Silverlight 3.  The idea was that the guide would have a long life beyond SL 3 without revisions, while areas needing…