Next operating system after Windows: codename Midori

The Midori I'm talking about is not an alcohol; it's an "incubation software project" at Microsoft research to try and address the upcoming trends with technology and inherent limitations with the current Windows code base.  For instance, making the operating system more easily and automatically take advantage of a "common desktop of the future": 256 cores, 1 TB of solid state memory, and unlimited storage space and computing power in the cloud.  The estimated time frame on when this project will be complete cannot be disclosed, but it certainly will be long after Windows 7 is released.

Of course I can't tell you any more than what was leaked about this project, but read David Worthington's article which is a summary and an interesting read. 

Comments (2)

  1. davete says:

    I’m not sure, but considering the team wants to keep things very quiet and there is no timeline available, I don’t think we’ll know for quite awhile.

  2. Rob Morrison says:

    Ok, I give up, no one seems to know why it’s called midori, which means green, as in the color.  

    So, I’m wondering what is so environmentally friendly about it?

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