Internet Application Gateway (IAG) – Overview

Microsoft's Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 just released this February. It is a secure remote access gateway that provides SSL-based application access and protection.

So what are some of the cool things that IAG allows you to do?

NOTE: All of the items below you can do securely from an un-trusted network (such as the internet) while only requiring SSL (port 443) to be open to the IAG server and none require you to connect with a VPN connection. This means that you don’t have to worry about your internet connection allowing IPSec VPN traffic through.  Many internet connections at coffee shops and hotels don't allow IPSec VPN traffic through...

1. Connect to internal websites and switch between them without having to re-input credentials
Microsoft has ~45: Any team sharepoint site, tar, hotfix, msexpense, itweb, autogroup, paystub, hrweb

2. Access non-web internal applications (such as file shares, Remote desktop)

3. Connect into an internal network with a full VPN connection

4. Execute various security checks for the client before allowing access to the application portal. These checks are highly-customizable via the GUI right out of the box. For instance, you can choose to only allow certain operating systems, check for the presence of anti-virus, etc.

Get started

General IAG learning:
Start an IAG virtual Lab (VS images w/ full functionality all done online)
Second IAG virtual Lab
Read some IAG White papers
Get a Product tour (Flash-based point-and-click)

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    A Microsoft lançou em fevereiro um produto chamado IAG – Internet Application Gateway. A princípio, pode

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