Windows Server 2008 – AD Auditing Enhancements

I hope this post will act as a good reference point to be able to quickly understand the good and bad about new AD auditing enhancements and then enable you to dive deeper at will using the links in this article. There’s nothing more exciting than auditing right? Well, check this out and hopefully it…


IT Pro Momentum Program (like a TAP or RDP)

Would you like to learn about or use Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, or the next version of Forefront Edge? If you’re based in USA and ‘fit the bill’, I’ll get you an invite to the IT Pro Momentum portal.  If you’re in Ireland – contact Dave Northey.  You can profile a project which…


Off to Barcelona

Ok, I’m officially a geek but I couldn’t resist.  I’m in business class with Adam Carter on a direct flight from Seattle to Paris writing this post.  I’ll see you at IT Forum – for those of you who are going. 


Edge is Coming!

I recently found out about some big news inside of Microsoft here.  There is something called “Edge” coming out in the future.  Unfortunately at this time, I can’t really say any more about it – other than it’s going to be really sweet!   Technorati tags: Microsoft, Edge


Analysis of Windows Server 2008 – AD Snapshot Viewer

This feature is currently known as the “Database Mounting Tool” (DMT), which is better than the previous name of “Data Mining Tool”. Who knows what we’ll end up calling this at RTM, but I like the previous name “Snapshot Viewer” the best so this is what I entitled the post. DMT allows you to quickly…


Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide

This guide is intended for any organization who would like to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Silverlight in their environment.  Some of the things you can find in this guide are installation switches, update behavior, value proposition on why to deploy, group policy adm / admx / adml files, and instructions on how to deploy Silverlight…


Forefront Stirling – The possibilities

That’s right it’s Stirling, not Sterling like silver.  I’ll cover the background behind the name perhaps in an interview with the product team.  Forefront is categorized into three categories: Client, Server, and Edge. Currently, the client and server forefront products have two separate management consoles and Edge doesn’t have a management console. In June at…


Windows Server 2008 Virtualization released at RC0!

What does this mean?  You’ll be able to try out using hypervisor.  The biggest advantage of hypervisor is that you can run multiple virtual machines on the base hardware (not on top of the OS).  For more information about hypervisor, check out this webcast: for more information on the anouncement, go to: Also, check out…


Server 2008 "Longhorn" Component Architecture diagrams downloads

I finally went through all of the stuff I got at TechEd 2007 and came across a soft copy of those cool Server 2008 color diagrams or posters you may have seen around.  I tried searching for them on Microsoft’s site, but couldn’t find them.  So, you can download them from the links below.  I…


Server 2008 Password Policies – PSOs

In Server 2003 or R2 one of the major limitations was the ability to only have one password policy per domain. The product team realized this was a major pain point for many customers, so they hooked Server 2008 up with some new password policy functionality which is available in Beta 3. In Server 2008,…