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That moment when you sent an email to your colleague and ended up receiving an Non-Delivery Report telling you, “Hey we can’t find the address! Perhaps you may have typed it wrong?”..
Yes, it’s THAT moment when you wished someone could have told you before you even sent that email.

Well, if you are using Exchange 2010 or later including Exchange Online, MailTips can save you so much time and frustration. Not only that, it may reduce the risk of sending confidential emails to unintentional recipients outside the organization.
So what are MailTips exactly? This Blog post will NOT go over everything about MailTips, as you may already know we have covered it in this article, but we’ll briefly go over it and focus on things about disabling MailTips.


MailTips are informative messages shown for users when composing messages on OWA or Outlook.
It is used to notify users for various information while they compose messages. Such information could be: validity of recipient addresses, recipient's Auto-Reply messages, recipient’s location (in-org or out-of-org), etc..
This is what it looks like on Outlook:


Disabling MailTips Organizational-wide:

Unfortunately, some of the people may need to disable MailTips organizational-wide for various reasons.
In this case, simply running the command “Set-OrganizationConfig -MailTipsAllTipsEnabled $False” may achieve your goal but this does not entirely disable the MailTips for OWA; couple MailTips will still be active and there’s no way for them to be turned off.
Here are the two MailTips:

Scenario 1: When a file attachment size is greater than the file size configured in organizational-level

- Disabling MailTips will not change the fact the email will be undeliverable

Scenario 2: When a user reply-all to an email received as Bcc recipient

- Replying-all to a Bcc’d email will reply to other recipients in the To/Cc field, hence, allowing others to know the original email was sent to recipients not in the To/Cc field which conflicts with the original sender’s intention.


Disabling MailTips by Type:

You can also turn off MailTips individually by type, however, limited to three types of MailTips. Other MailTips are not individually configurable.

•    MailTipsGroupMetricsEnabled               : shows the number of recipients in a distribution group. (Default: Enabled)
•    MailTipsMailboxSourcedTipsEnabled     : shows the status of the recipient mailbox. (Default: Enabled)
•    MailTipsExternalRecipientsTipsEnabled : shows if the recipients are external users. (Default: Disabled)

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