Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Tools (32-Bit) released

Exchange Server 2007 is a native 64-bit application that includes 64-bit management tools. You can use the management tools to administer your Exchange Server environment remotely. If the remote computer is running a 32-bit operating system, you will need to download the 32-bit management tools. Download Link:

Create custom addresslist in Exchange 2007

In a first glance to the Address List creation Wizard it seem’s that a old fashion query is missing from it, as usual we use Powershell to solve the issue. The new way to create a custom address list has been simplified in Powershell, instead of the old headache that the LDAP queries in Exchange…


Using Exchange Database Portability in Exchange 2007

This is a great feature of Exchange 2007, that was a real headache in Exchange 2003 if you all remember in "those days" if you want to mount a DB in another server a series of requisites were needed to do so (The worst of all was that the target server needed to have the…


Bulk creation of Exchange 2007 Mailboxes

So this week I had the need of some test’s of integration with Exchange 2007, and  the first show stopper was at the point of creating 1000 users for testing purposes. Ok the creation of the users in AD is easy just grab the old vbs scripts, now the Select All -> Enable Mailbox where is it??? ooops…

Set recipient limits in Exchange 2007

Ok continuing the quick tips for Exchange 2007 operations, here goes another useful task. By default I recommend to all my customers to define recipient limits to all users, just to avoid some “mistakes” like someone that selects all users in the GAL, to send some email that shouldn’t be sent to Everyone, as well…

Powershell book for Download

Frank Koch, has made available for download a great ebook about powershell programing, you can download it in the follow link: