OCS front end service fails to start after KB967831

KB967831 patch will try to update OCS and afterwards will try to start RtcQmsAgent (aka Monitoring Agent) If you dont use or configure this service it will never start, causing the rollback of the patch and with it the failure of the frontend service. So just install MS messaging queue services (ServerManagerCmd -i MSMQ-Services)  and…


OCS R2 Global settings changes in AD

After a new deployment, a great question mark appeared in my head when the follow popup appeared: So what’s next? In some multidomain scenarios where the configuration stays in the root domain there where some reports of performance issues so the OCS team decided to enable the ability to change the the settings from the…


OCS E-Learning content – Introducing Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007

Has promised here’s more online content for OCS, here’s some e-learning content available. This collection of 2-hour clinics explains the enterprise capabilities provided by Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. These clinics are for infrastructure specialists working within organizations that are looking to deploy Office Communications Server within their solutions.Topics covered within the collection include: Enterprise…

TechNet Webcast on-demand: Unified Communications Devices for Communications Server 2007!

So OCS is almost here! and we have a bunch of webcasts available to all   So heres goes my weekend recomendation for those sunny afternoons in the office TechNet Webcast: Unified Communications Devices for Communications Server 2007 (Level 200) Original Air Date: June 28, 2007 Customer Rating: To a full webcast list click here….